Watcher of Truth

The name is Alexander Steven Salazar. I live in a small city call Titusville. I'm 18 and is now a senior at Titusville High School, in which I am part of the Cross Country team and Track team. Most importantly I am part of the Choir! I want to pursue music as my education. I like to sing, paint, and living close to the beach, I love to skimboard!

    I love Disney (Frozen, especially Elsa)
      I love the beach
        Music is my life
          And most importantly, I'm a member of the church of Latter-Day Saints. It makes me so happy. I'm Alexander Steven Salazar;
            and I'm a Mormon

Permalink Fort Lauderdale temple was simply beautiful. I’m Mormon.  I know it, I live it, I love it. #mormon #lds #temple (at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Fort Lauderdale Temple)
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Crossover. Nice tandem. #frozen #pokemon #elsa #articuno ❄❄❄⛄⛄⛄

A letter regarding Prom.

Sister ‘Blank’ I just wanted to share an experience I just had. 

So prom is this upcoming weekend and I decided to go just because it was my senior year. I bought my ticket on the last possible day with no plan. I decided to go alone, go to cracker barrel and get french toast (you know me.) I had actually asked someone the night before the deadline but she couldn’t go. I had no incentive to go. Then I was talking to my friend and he had two girls for dates because one of the girl’s date decided not to go with her. (She’s a german exchange student.) My friend was practically trying to convince me to take her. I didn’t know her at all and at the time I didn’t really want to take her. Then my friend said “out of all the exchange students, she wanted to have someone to dance with more than any of the others.” I still didn’t really want to go, but then I had a thought. I remembered what you said; “5 seconds can make a girl’s night.” I barely know her name and I have no idea what she looks like, but I decided to take her to prom. I decided to make her night, instead of mine, the best I could. I wanted to make this total stranger have the time of her life. 

That quote in bold changed my whole perspective. Sometimes it’s okay to step out of your comfort zone. Maybe help a total stranger. I could’ve gone alone but knowing that I’ll make her night is happiness that couldn’t be compared to. So short to say, I’m actually excited for prom!


Prom is this next weekend!

And I haven’t gotten my suit yet!

Found a group to go with! 

or even bought my ticket!

Spending 40 dollars to treat myself to french toast and a dance! Can you tell how stoked i am?!